The Series ‚Tree‘ Comes To The Light

For over 3 weeks I did not paint or draw anything. On Friday last week I stopped with it and put the paper again on the table. The Caran d’Ache color sticks and I had a lot of fun together.This piece is a fast drawn one. It shows a tree and some fire around it.Some forms and figures surround the scenery. Therefor it fits to the series ‚Weight of Thoughts‘.The next day I decided to paint it again.  This time I used more time for the workout. Same colors and  paper are used. I changed the theme a little bit. Now there is more sunlight and less cricle-cracle.The same day I painted a watercolor using this theme again. This one is more harmonic, do I think. Especially the backround of the tree is clearer done.Don’t know if the next one is in your interest. It is a pastell, made on paper in dimension of 70 x 100 cm². It is more rude, rustical or so. I did it in 20 minutes. I think it is real Art Trash.This is originally piece number 3 of this series of trees.Between these colorful paintings and drawings I did a sketch. It is only a idea, but it has to do with it. I will show it to you: It is kind of an elementary drawing. Some lines are developping and fitting together afterwards. I think it is also a plant.

Quelle: The Series ‚Tree‘ Comes To The Light


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