Two Simple ‚Art-Trash‘ Objects

Sometimes I am coloring out my sketches with some software. Gimp 2 is my choice for this process. With some simple functions I fill in more colors to overwrite the white areas of the photographs of my drawings. Now I finished two pieces of them in a very easy way. I want to share these pictures with you. Therefor I do write this posting.Let’s have a look what I have done first.I used the following sketch of a tree for the first example of an ‚Art-Trash‘ object. I loaded it into Gimp 2. I chose some colors and overwrote the white areas. That made a new experience for me. I will show it to you now. I simply do not know, if it is a better work now. I like both of them.The other piece is a pencil sketch. Let’s have a look how it was before the transformation. It is a still life drawing and has the title ‚weight of thoughts‘. It is out of a series of mine.The colored piece of this one is to be seen now. Some few white fields still are to be seen on this draft. But that is typical for many of my painted works.

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The Series ‚Tree‘ Comes To The Light

For over 3 weeks I did not paint or draw anything. On Friday last week I stopped with it and put the paper again on the table. The Caran d’Ache color sticks and I had a lot of fun together.This piece is a fast drawn one. It shows a tree and some fire around it.Some forms and figures surround the scenery. Therefor it fits to the series ‚Weight of Thoughts‘.The next day I decided to paint it again.  This time I used more time for the workout. Same colors and  paper are used. I changed the theme a little bit. Now there is more sunlight and less cricle-cracle.The same day I painted a watercolor using this theme again. This one is more harmonic, do I think. Especially the backround of the tree is clearer done.Don’t know if the next one is in your interest. It is a pastell, made on paper in dimension of 70 x 100 cm². It is more rude, rustical or so. I did it in 20 minutes. I think it is real Art Trash.This is originally piece number 3 of this series of trees.Between these colorful paintings and drawings I did a sketch. It is only a idea, but it has to do with it. I will show it to you: It is kind of an elementary drawing. Some lines are developping and fitting together afterwards. I think it is also a plant.

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